10-Minute Pear Banana Bread (Yum!)


One of the best things about the paleo diet is the freedom and flexibility it can offer you when it comes to experimenting with certain recipes. For example, I’ve always been a huge fan of banana bread. Lately I’ve been trying out a few different paleo-friendly recipes for making banana bread, and I stumbled upon one that was too good not to share. This 10-minute pear banana bread will surprise you on so many levels. I never thought to combine pears and bananas together but it’s terrific. It’s all thanks to the smart combination of whole food ingredients that make a loaf of banana bread that’s sweet, satisfying, low in carbs, and guilt-free. I can already tell that this is one recipe that’s going to be one of my go to’s for whenever I’m feeling the need to satisfy my sweet tooth.

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