Low Carb Banana Cinnamon Pancake Recipe (Flourless)


I’m constantly amazed by just how many different ways there are to make paleo-friendly versions of some of my favorite carb-heavy meals. Pancakes are a perfect example of this. They’re one of those foods that you wouldn’t think would be a good fit for the paleo diet at first, but the truth is, there are so many fantastic substitutions you can do to make it paleo. You just have to get a bit creative with the ingredients you use. Out with the refined wheat flour (which has been shown to cause inflammation—no thanks!), and in with the fiber-rich and paleo-friendly alternatives like flaxseed meal. Simply add in a few classic extras like a banana and cinnamon, and you’re left with one of the best pancake recipes. Use this as a base to build upon or serve as is—whatever works for you!

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