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Confused about what to eat? Welcome to Real Food 101 where we’ll be your guides in all things eating.

Welcome eaters, one and all!

You are always welcome here at our virtual table regardless of the way you eat. 

We are so excited to be kicking off what will become a full year of back-to-the-basics when it comes to food, nutrition, and health. For the last three years or so we’ve been busy creating and sharing wholesome, real food-based recipes but now it’s time to take a little step back and talk more about the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of what we call real food.

“To us, Real Food is more than just organic – it is food that nourishes the body, is minimally processed, maintains its natural integrity and respects the dignity and health of the humans who produce it, protects animal welfare and is environmentally sustainable.” – Jessica Beacom & Stacie Hassing, The Real Food Dietitians

That’s right a whole year of geeking out about food quality, sourcing and more all designed to help you make the best choices for yourself and your family when it comes to what you put on the table and on your plates.

It’s more about the journey than the destination

As we talked about here, we don’t have a diet agenda or an ideal diet endpoint to present to you because we don’t believe that there is one diet to fit all. And when we say ‘diet’ what we really mean is the way in which you choose to eat (rather than a strict set of rules regarding what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, etc.).

As such, the Real Food 101 series isn’t about what you need to do to arrive at the one ‘perfect’ diet but rather the small steps you can take along the way to create a style of eating that works best for you as an individual.


Start with the basics and build from there

With so much information (and misinformation) out there with regards to nutrition and health, we want to use the Real Food 101 series to help you cut to the chase so you can take the information that you need most and put it to work right away, no matter where  you are in your health or wellness journey.

Learn as you go

Pick what serves you or what you can share with others to help them on their own health journey. Sure, not everything in the series will be new information to you. That’s fine. Take what you need when you need it. Sometimes we’re not in a position to learn and implement new things which is why we’re creating this Real Food 101 series for the blog rather than presenting it as a webinar or in an email. We want all of this information to live on here so you can refer back to it when you need it.

Topics you’ll see in the Real Food 101 Series

We’re going to dive right into the heavy hitters of the nutrition right away and talk about how to choose quality meats, seafood, and dairy since all these stand to have the greatest effect on your health when it comes to their quality.

From there we’ll talk about organic – what that means, which foods are worth the extra cost, the far-reaching benefits of organic agriculture and most importantly, how to make organic easier on your wallet.

We’ll also spend some time talking about healthy fats, legumes, eating seasonally, the importance of knowing your farmer, eating real food on a budget and how to include snacks, treats, and alcohol as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Basically, there will be a little something for everyone here. 


Stay tuned!

We’ll be kicking off these Real Food 101 series in two weeks with the first post, “How to choose quality red meat”. If you’re not already on the list to receive our free weekly newsletters then now is the time to sign up here.


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